CEO & Artist Manager
Marili Jõgi
+372 53432949

Management Assistant
Eliise Jõgi


Connecting talents with fans

We are taking care of several Estonian top level artists and future makers. Passionate about music, people and artist relations, we are investing our time to work closely with the artists on all the        aspects to help them thrive and succeed in homeland and abroad. Our partners love our hands on approach, personable and attentive service. We collaborate with our talents as a team to arrange them exciting and strategic career opportunities. We have access to a strong set-up of contacts and experience in different fields of today’s world of music industry.

Moon Management is formed by Marili Jõgi who has combined experience of over 10 years working in live music. She has also participated in four supportive mentorship programs by European Music Managers Alliance and Music Estonia. 
Marili has never put herself into the box genre wise and her approach is internationally focused. Among multiple nominations Marili has been awarded as the Manager of the Year 2024 and Music Exporter of the Year 2022 by the Estonian Music Industry Awards.

Moon Management is a member of Music Estonia & Keychange.